Can you believe we’re at the end of July? Time flies! I do have something new to talk about though. There was an obsession this month and it had me over the moon.
Did it really take me this long to tap into what was happening to my skin after working out? Better late than sorry. I have super sensitive skin. Post workouts, if I am not immediately in the shower the sweat takes a toll, especially on my chest area. I was finding these little red bumps do to the sweat build up after soul cycle (Taye Time in Noho, my all time favorite), body building and running. Guys, I literally just let it happen until I discovered the Neutrogena Body Clear, Body Wash! I can’t believe how quickly it helped my body acne. Not only did it calm down my angry skin, it kept the irritation away! I don’t use it all over. Just on my chest and back, where I really need it. I have no complaints. This stuff works! Get you some!

xo IKA



It’s beach time guys! If you haven’t made the trip yet, I’m sure it’s coming soon. I’m all about preparation and the Beach is no exception. The Blazing hot sun, sand in between my toes and the potential for dehydration will not get me! I’ve got plenty for it all!

SUNSCREEN: Did you think I was going to start with something else? Well you thought wrong. This is my number one, always. I make countless mention of using sunscreen all year round, but at the BEACH you better come correct! You can use one of my favorites from Aveeno. Anything less than SPF 30 doesn’t count in my opinion. Protected skin stays healthy. Do yourself a favor and keep it in the beach bag, the handbag, the weekend bag; EVERY BAG!

SPECS: Sunglasses provide protection to your eyes. The eyes are sensitive. Not only do they keep your eyes safe but you also look bad ass. The bigger the better. Sometimes it’s all about the look too, let’s be honest.

LIP CARE: Last months obsession was the Aquaphor Lip Therapy Treatment. Guess what, there’s a version with SPF. Hello! Enough said.

AGUA: A cooler filled with bottles of water is a must. Staying hydrated while you’re out in the sun is crucial! The sun rays will get you dehydrated so quickly. Always remember to replenish. The way I keep the water flowing is to infuse it with strawberries, cucumber, lemon or my favorite, mint!

FRUITS: At the beach I like to have my Summer favorites like, grapes, watermelon, pineapple. Washing and pre-cutting in advance makes life easy and helps keep the day low-hassle.

SUMMER READING: A few hours at the beach make for great reading time. If a novel doesn’t interest you, try short stories or write in a journal. My new must have and awesome gift for friends is Kiss The Sky: Reflections of Becoming your Best Self by Carline Dumerlin-Folks. It’s a journal as well as a reference point that is sure to keep you motivated.

There it is. No big deal. You don’t need many things but you DO need a few essentials to make your trip to the sand fun and worthwhile. These are just to name a few; all in addition to your flip flops, beach chair, towel and bucket of fried chicken lol. What things do you feel you can’t go to the beach without?

xo IKA



You guys know how obsessed I am with a matte lip, right? I’m all about the flat matte finish. It requires work though. The best way to keep your lips hydrated enough to pull off the matte look is with my June obsession.

Aquaphor Lip Repair is included in my skincare routine in the morning as well as at nighttime. It’s part of my regimen and it can’t ever end; not if I want these lips soft and luscious! Here’s why I love it: I used to use Vaseline (Pure Petroleum Jelly) on my lips. It’s ok, but I noticed that my lips would get a slight irritation. Not enough to panic but it didn’t go unnoticed. The overuse of petroleum jelly can actually cause skin irritations (at least for me) because it blocks air and moisture from coming in. It instantly feels good but it’s not beneficial in the long run. With the Aquaphor Lip Repair it protects and conditions which keeps the lips moist but it also has a low potential to irritate because of its minimal number of ingredients. Don’t limit usage to the winter! You got it: 365 days a year. I keep one on my nightstand and one in my handbag. You should too!

xo IKA



One of my favorite things about being a woman is getting dolled up. There are so many reasons to pamper ourselves. It makes all the hype about my upcoming event worth it or even just a weekend with friends. Enhancing your beauty doesn’t need to be saved for a special occasion or major event. It can be a first, date; a work presentation, or even dinner with the family. It’s nice to get pampered but makeup is nothing without healthy skin. While we should incorporate a skincare regimen all year round, there are some key tips to prep you for an upcoming weekend full of beauty! How you treat your skin internally and externally are key in showing your best flawless self!

5 DAYS BEFORE: This is the first day of prep work and most important. Your goal should be to hydrate your body as much as you can. Get those 8 glasses of water in and flush out all the toxins. To make things interesting, try adding lemon, grapefruit or cucumber to your water. This step continues through all 5 days. You can also include 2 cups of green tea every day leading to the weekend. Water is key for nourished skin.

4 DAYS BEFORE: Add more fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. Dark leafy greens like kale and spinach are filled with nutrients that help keep the skin young and fresh. Fruits like apples and strawberries help you get that glow! An easy way to get these goodies in is with a fresh juice press. Not only will your skin shine through but it will also help eliminate bloating.

3 DAYS BEFORE: Right before you call it a night, apply a moisturizing face mask. This trick will bring out youthful skin and begin to get you ready for your flawless makeup application during the weekend. You can apply a cream like the decadent Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Face Mask, or you can opt for simple, quick, cost effective option like the Sephora Collection Honey Mask. Both options work and create a healthy looking result instantly.

2 DAYS BEFORE: Exfoliate your body from head to toe. There’s no better way to bring out amazing healthy skin than to get rid of all the dead skin cells and wake your pores up! My favorite body scrub that I bring out specifically before special occasions is Lalicious Sugar Lemon Blossom Sugar Scrub. This scrub makes my day! The mix of oils leave my skin feeling super soft to the touch. When followed by your favorite moisturizer, you’ll have baby soft skin!

1 DAY BEFORE: It’s mani/pedi day! Well manicured hands and feet not only look great but add to a clean, groomed, healthy body. Even if your feet will be covered, the benefits of a pedicure help make your steps over the weekend feel great. A pedicure provides circulation in the feet that pumps blood to the heart. You feel good, you look good! My go to polish is any shade of red. Red is sexy, feminine and looks good on every woman.
weekend ready skin post
THE DAY OF: A positive way to start this day is by taking a moment to meditate and clear your mind of all the noise from the week. Stress shows. Relieve yourself of daily stresses and shine through. If you have an evening event, lay out your outfit, get your makeup ready for a flawless application.

You made it! 5 days of healthy skin practices went by and now it’s time to show that beautiful healthy skin off! You’ve just prepared yourself for a gorgeous, youthful glow that will have people staring! Your skin is soft, radiant, and healthy. You’re ready for a flawless makeup application and I promise you will shine. On this day you hit your finishing touches and you show off your hard work! What ways during the week do you prepare yourself to have an enjoyable weekend that involves not only beauty, but positivity?

xo IKA