I’m not going to pretend like working out is my favorite thing to do. It’s not. But! I do love to dress. One way to make working out a little more fun for me is looking good while doing it.

Ever walk into a workout class and feel like everyone looks cute while you’re looking like a rag doll? I have. Once. And I promised not to let it happen again! After trial and error, I found out which brands make me feel the cutest while working out. Here’s where I share.

Lululemon: I’m just going to start with this because the clothes are expensive and we should just get it out of the way before you guys yell at me. The Lululemon brand knows what it’s doing. There’s not a Soul Cylce class that I’ve gone to where 90% of the people weren’t wearing Lulu. You know me, I had to be down. What I love about the clothing is really the various options that you have to choose from. Sports bras that give a range from light to heavy support based on your needs, and pants that hug you the right way and show off your curves. A classic pant fit that fits most from Lululemon is the Wunder Under pant. Super comfy and stylish. Every season there are new colors and prints. The brand as a whole is a sure way to feel better about that sweat!

Adidas: I’m a true Adidas sweatsuit fan. Always have been. It’s a throw on and get on a plane look for me; extra comfortable. But have you checked out the workout gear? LOVE! Adidas is designed for all of the performance needed you have from tops, sports bras, tights and sneakers.

Nike: Good old Nike. Just do it. Need I say more?

Gottex Studio: I’m fairly new to this brand and immediately fell in love. This is where you can have a lot of fun with wild prints and colors. I especially love pants that have mesh somewhere in the design. Out here looking sweaty and sexy!

Victoria Secret: Listen! This place isn’t just about the sexy bras. Sportswear is on top! Your next v-neck plunge bra can be fit for the gym. I love it! Here’s the thing, look out for deals. You can get a quite a bit of sportswear from VS when you watch the sales.

Good American: This is a brand mostly known for denim that recently launched an activewear line. The line was launched by my favorite Kardashian sister, Khloe (I’m secretly obsessed with her OCD. I tend to believe I’m the same person). I’m not the expert on all the activewear items from Good American, but I did purchase a sports bra. I LOVE the Core Plunge Sports Bra! I feel like it’s hard to find a sexy sports bra that also holds you in. Is it just me? Just because I’m working out doesn’t mean I don’t want to feel extremely feminine and beautiful. By the way this item turned out, I’m excited to try more!

Those are my favorites. Working out feels better when I look better. How about you? What makes the work feel a little easier for you?

xo IKA



July is over! Best time of year because we’re entering my birthday month! It won’t keep me from giving you all the things I love, including my July obsession. 3…2…1…

Guys. To be honest, my skin gets irritated (I’m talking full body here) all year but mostly in these summer. The cause: SWEAT. I like to stay active so working out is part of my weekly schedule in some way or form. The issue is the dash home from the studio on the train. The subway during the summer in NYC can feel like pure hell and my skin gets very angry.
Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash has helped calm down this irritation. This is actually my first month trying it out and it’s been a great help with irritation along my chest and back, caused by the heat and humidity.
If you suffer from heat rash or skin irritations like the one I mentioned check with your dermatologist for the best option. For me, this is perfect!

xo IKA



Where does the time go? Zipping by. I just came back from a quick trip to D.C. Visited The National Museum of African American History and Culture. O.M.G. It was amazing! While there I realized that I was using an obsession. Now’s the perfect time to share!

Do you suffer from dry skin? I do. Worst in the Winter but even hits me in the Summer ironically. Vitamin E oil is changing my skin, friends. It’s fat-soluble antioxidant that is essential for the maintenance of healthy skin.
I have one in the bathroom cabinet, one in my shower, and one at work! Obsessed of course! I think the way I love to use it most is while my skin is still wet after a shower. It seeps in nicely and lasts for most of the day. In the winter I might double up with a cream once I’m out the shower but during these warmer months, it’s perfect! The best part is, it doesn’t break the bank. I get mine from Trader Joes. Don’t you just love TRADER JOES!

Listen! Get on it. I’m telling you!
xo IKA



Spring is here! Well maybe. The weather in NY has been dumb! But I’m hopeful for the next couple of months. Lately I’ve been feeling the super lightweight dewy approach to my makeup. Less, has been feeling like more. That’s why I’m bringing you my April obsession!

The NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator is a new must have! This stuff is cheap and awesome! A little dab-a-do ya! This highlighter goes on nicely. I sometimes do the biggest old school dewy makeup trick and add a dab of Vaseline in the mix. I’m talking major glow!

I love it!
You’ll love it!
We’ll love it!

xo Ika