her own skin bio picShenika Louis, also known as IKA by close friends and family, is a fashion industry professional and lifestyle/beauty blogger in New York. As the creator of and often her friends go-to for beauty and fashion secrets, Shenika also spends time supporting the empowerment of women. For Shenika, confidence in how you look is essential to professionalism as well as all social encounters in life.

Women run the WORLD! At least in our opinion.

This platform is where Shenika decided to share what she has learned with you all and hopefully encourage all women to embrace their loveliness and build their confidence. It’s a woman’s guide to her own skin, mind, body and spirit; a community where we teach each other, learn from one another and inspire ourselves as well as our sisters to be confident everyday.

Let’s talk about all the things that make us the beautiful women we are!



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