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How many times do you feel like “glamming” or spicing up your attire? If you’re like me, it happens on the first of every month! Oh, let’s not forget how costly it can be to spend money every time your mood changes. Psst…Let’s change our look for less!

Here are some tips to pick up your wardrobe and look like new without spending a ton of money or feeling like you’re breaking the bank. The key word is: ACCESSORIZE. Trust me, you’ll feel like a new woman!

1. Statement Necklaces: You can’t go wrong with that pop right above your décolleté! Experiment with fancy beading and unique jewels. Eyes will turn.

2. Bold scarves: You can dress head-to-toe in all black or hit the town in your little black dress; but a bright bold scarf changes that darkness into a flame! Play with it, try new ways of tying it; it’s a win!

3. Pump it up!: Nothing’s better than a basic pump. They’re a staple in a woman’s closet. Next time you have that itch to light a fire under your not-so-exciting outfit, go for a risqué color; emerald green or seductive rouge!!!

4. Kiss me I’m yours: The key accessory in my wardrobe is…..lipstick. Ok ok, it’s not an article of clothing but it takes my look from NOT to HOT. Many women are afraid of going to that intense color level. I say the more intense the better! MUAH

5. Take it off: Sometimes it’s not the clothing visible to the human eye, but it’s what’s underneath. That’s right! Jazz up your under garments with playful sheers and gorgeous lace. It makes you feel good and even better; a turn on for that special someone!

Happy Glamming!!! xo IKA


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