Hey Friends! I thought I’d come to you with one of my newly found obsessions. Everyone knows I make a big deal about having a regular nightime skincare routine. It’s important! But lately, I’ve been going the all natural route. Wait for it…THE OIL CLEANSING METHOD!

Let me start by giving a little education for the nay sayers. Some (oily people) may say, why would I put oil on my already oily skin? Here’s why: Oil dissolves oil! It helps to balance the oil production in your skin. You’d be suprized. In fact, using a natural oil on your skin may actually reverse the problem areas that you may have been suffering with. By cleansing with a natural oil, you’re pulling all of the toxins and impurities out of your skin leaving your face and neck feeling soft and completely radiant!

Step 1: On dry skin apply the oil of your choice to your face and neck, rubbing in a circular motion throughout. Anywhere from a nickel size to a quarter size will do. I use Sweet Almond Oil. You want to make sure that you’re not applying an oil that causes your pores to clog. Click Here for Comedogenic Ratings and oils that can cause acne. You obviously want to stay away from the highly rated oils.

Step 2: Rinse the oil off with warm to hot water. Some people use a warm washcloth to open up the pores. I like to keep it short and sweet. Splash the warm water until you feel like you’re completely rinsed the oil off of your face and neck. This process opens the pores up.

Step 3: Close the pores back up with cold water. Once you get all of those toxins out with warm water, you need to close those precious pores up. Cold water does the trick. Tip: When you find your skin drying up and you don’t have your favorite cleanser around, splash cold water to bring back some of the moisture you lost!

Step 4: Dry! I personally use a clean paper towel on my face when drying it. My preference is to pat it thoroughly until my face looks matte. If my face looks shiny, I still have work to do.

Step 5: Moisturize. This step is optional because for some, the oil cleansing method leaves the skin already feeling hydrated. For others the warm/hot water rinse brings back some dryness. Since my skin is on the dryer side, I re-apply a light coat of the same sweet almond oil I used for cleansing as a last step to lock in moisture.

One of the things I love to do the most is research different ways to keep my skin healthy and glowing. This method has been great so far. I encourage you to try it. You may find that bringing out your BEST skin can be accomplished with the simplist work. If you have your own personal experience with the oil cleansing method, I’d love to hear about! Give me a shout!

xo IKA


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