If I had a nickel for every time I messed up my eyeliner I’d be rich! Here’s a few items that MUST stay close by when applying my daily makeup, otherwise, you just might think it’s Halloween every time you see me!

Q-Tips: This might be the most important of the “fixers”. Not only do they keep inside my lobes squeaky clean but when I mess up my winged liquid eyeliner a q-tip basically erases the error without taking off the whole eye. It’s small so it easily gets to corners that are hard to reach with any other tool.

Face Powder Overkill: Ever look in the mirror and realize you have too much powder on? I’m guilty! When this happens don’t move to quickly in removing it. Wait about 10 minutes and take a second look. Sometimes our natural oils blend nicely with the product after a few mins. If it still looks like too much, take a tissue, place it over your face and spray a mist like Evian Mineral Water Spray. It rehydrates your skin leaving it less cakey.

Eyeshadow Messiness: Ok, I know I’m not the only one. This happens to everyone! Sometimes when you’re creating a smokey eye or even just applying a light eyeshadow, if falls to the area right underneath the eye. ANNOYING! Here’s a little tip, apply translucent powder under the eye (just a little bit!). By doing this, it makes it easier to wipe the excess shadow off without smudging. Also, start with your eye make up before getting to the the rest of the face. This switch in order, saves you time!

Lipstick On Your Teeth, YUCK!: What’s worst than smiling from ear to ear with red gook on your teeth? Embarassing. Here’s a trick I learned many years ago. After applying your lipstick, take your finger, put it in your mouth and pull it out with your lips closed around it. It sounds like much but trust me, by doing this, you get rid of the excess lipstick sitting on the inside rim of your lips. That’s the exact part where your teeth get involved. 😉

Hey I’m no expert, but these work for me. Applying makeup doesn’t have to be a big production, but it’s nice if it looks like it was! What are some of your tricks?

xo IKA


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