This Weekend I had the pleasure of spending time with my Mother for Mother’s day. It was a great bonding experience. In addition to our quality time, I spent time with my Aunts and Cousins for a Mother’s Day Brunch at a cute French restaurant named Orsay on the Upper East Side. After brunch, the ladies came to hang out in Brooklyn at my apartment.
As I sat with my family, I had a true moment of reflection about my life. I realized that I am my best self at this very moment in time. I personally have never been happier. Right now at 32 years old, I feel content in my accomplishments and I am not fearful of what’s to come. In fact, I feel ready and look forward to more ways that I will change and become even better. I thought I’d share ten tips on becoming your BEST SELF! These work for me and may or may not be beneficial to you; but I’m so proud of what I’ve become that I had to share!!!!

1. Except Your Flaws: HELLO! Talk about hard-to-do! It’s not easy to come to terms with the things about you that you rather not deal with. Some people wish they were taller, skinnier, lighter, darker, richer, etc. Think about how sweet life would be if you embraced exactly what your life is.

2. Relax: Life can be so stressful sometimes. What helps me, is taking moments where I don’t care about the noise. I wrote a post not to long about about bikram yoga. Check it out here. This is one of the ways I use a 90 minute period, to forget about EVERYTHING! If yoga doesn’t work for you, there are other ways; meditation, reading a good book, listening to soft music, aroma therapy, painting, etc. Whatever it is, just take the time for YOU!

3. Choose Great Friends: This can be tough, I know. But it’s an important one. I love to surround myself with not only people who are supportive, but those who I can learn from. My circle has decreased in size, and I’m good with it! As we grow, it’s okay to weed out one or two beings that don’t help your growth.


4. Find Ways To Be A Better Friend: Do you have a friend in need? Call them. Stop By. Send a Card. You’d be surprised at how good it makes them feel.

4. Trust Your Gut: My gut is always right. Don’t you feel that way? Every time I have not followed my intuition, I’ve found myself disappointed. NO MORE! That feeling is there for a reason. Trust it. What’s right, always falls into place.

5. Treat Your Body With Love: Love your Body! Think about how much control you have here. Use your favorite creams in excess. Drink water. Go for a jog. Get a massage here and there. Meet a friend for a spa pedicure. Treat yourself to a facial. You deserve it!

6. Live The Life That You Want: Life is not a dress rehearsal. You have one shot to live. I’m new to blogging and wish I did it ten years ago. It’s what I want! Don’t wait to follow your dreams. Make time for passion. The time is now and life is too short to hold back.

7. Have Conversations With People You Casually Meet: Small Talk is not a bad thing. This world is full of interesting people. They’re everywhere!

8. Forgive: When you come to this place, where you feel good about yourself, take an extra step by forgiving someone who has hurt you in the past. Let go of that anger. How can you be your best self if you’re holding a grudge? Is it really worth it?

9. Don’t Change Who You Are So Others Will Like You: Come on! If they aren’t into you, screw them! Keep it moving.

10. Talk: Hi, have we met? I can talk all day. In fact, I had to cut down my tips so that they’re a bit shorter. I could have given you 20 tips to be honest! lol We have friends and family for a reason. Use them! Meet for a bite to eat or a cup of coffee. Start a book club (I’m the nerdiest person ever, I LOVE my book club)!

There it is in a nutshell…. a few ways I keep my life peaceful and happy. None of us are perfect. I have my moments. But part of growing and flourishing every day is applying self acceptance. It’s recognizing that you are imperfect and opening yourself up to the idea of becoming better, healthier, and stronger every day. In what ways are you your best self?

xo IKA



  1. This was amazing and very insightful. Thank you for sharing some tips.

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