Ok! So, I am a creature of habit for the most part. All of my drawers are organized, my closets make sense, my shoes are categorized…I know, I know – O-C-D right? Wrong! LOL. Stop saying that! I just like things in their place…my handbag is no exception.
ikas purse
I change my handbag often but what’s inside stays pretty consistent. Here’s a list of items I seldom leave home without:

1. COSMETIC CASE: I keep my basics in a small cosmetic case for everyday use. You’ll always find red lipstick (it just works), mascara, face powder, sheer lipgloss, eyedrops (dry eyes!) and Aleve (ladies, you know why!)

2. NOTEBOOK: I encourage all of you to write more! Writing has become more important to me. Blogging keeps my pen on paper but in general I’ve noticed that writing regularly is extremely theraputic.

3. SUNNIES: 365 days of the year there are a pair of shades on me. I’m fab like that, what can I say? 😉

4. CURRENT READ: When I was in high school I had an English teacher who told me that I should always be reading something. I’m currently reading “Breath, Eyes, Memory by Edwidge Danticat – a Haitian author. Represent!

5. CREDIT CARD: I’m a woman, hello?

6. GUM: Peppermint Cobalt – Fresh Breath is a must!

So I mean, this is everyday for me. It’s simple, it’s clean, it works! What are some of your handbag must-haves?




  1. Since I’ve been reading more books on the Kindle app, carrying a book around with me hasn’t had the same buzz, you know? Lol I’m more cautious about getting my iPad out and about for a read but maybe I’ll get used to it 🙂

  2. Great post! Like you, I always have a notebook, a cosmetic bag, and a book. However, I also have a lot of other junk! –ugh! This post reminds me that I need to minimize the amount of stuff I am carrying so that I can stay organized. BTW, Danticant’s book is awesome.

    • It’s had not to pack your whole life into your everyday bag right? What really keeps me from doing so is the weight. I’m a commuter and I hate having a heavy load all over the city. What I listed are my essentials! And Danticat is everything! lol

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