It's YOUR Hair. Do What You Please!!!

It’s YOUR Hair. Do What You Please!!!

It’s obvious! There is a natural hair movement going on right in front of our eyes! You see beautiful natural tresses all over social media and all over the streets! For years black women (not all) but many have been relaxing their hair to make it straight. I AM ONE OF THEM! This is a huge topic in the black community and constantly discussed among my friends and family.

At the very young age of 5 my mom put my first kiddie relaxer in my hair. Yes, 5! I’ve never looked back. Well actually, I’ve tried to reverse the cycle a few times and failed. There was a time in high school where I wanted Locs! The problem is, once your hair is relaxed, that hair can’t be reversed. You can’t wake up and say, “I’m not into this perm let me bring it back to natural.” You would have to cut off all of the relaxed hair to be natural again, or grow it out with the pains of transition breakage for some. Breakage is horrifying for all women! You would also have to get adjusted to natural hairstyles that you might not be used to. I’ve found that today, most of my friends and family are natural; even my mom went back, last year. I’m like the last girl standing! Lol


I want to hear from you! Ladies who are newly natural, what made you decide to transition? Send me a note about your natural hair journey. Take pictures, express your feelings. Let me and the rest of our readers know what you went through and what worked for you. What struggles did you come across? Relaxed girls, I haven’t forgotten you (I’m in the same boat). I want to hear from you too! Why do you choose to stay relaxed, or have you been thinking about switching? What works for you and which ways have kept your relaxed hair healthy? This blog is here as a platform for women who support each other and learn from one another in all journeys; natural or relaxed! Afterall, it’s your hair! To be honest, I’m half relaxed and half natural! LMAO! Do what you want; no judgment! Whichever way you choose, do it with CONFIDENCE! Let’s Talk! 😉

xo IKA



  1. Reverting your hair back to its natural form is definitely a personal choice. I did a big chop 2 years ago and I use to be a creamy crack head. I had to have my relaxer every 4 weeks. Many females do not realize that regardless of your hair looking healthy when having a relaxer, underneath it all, your scalp is absorbing all of the chemicals which over time has a negative effect on your body. Everything you expose your body to internally or externally is detrimental to your health. I can go on and on, but I’ll leave it like this. Health is wealth!

    • Thank you for the feedback Kim. It’s important that we stay educated on what we do to our bodies. thanks! Ika

  2. I am relaxed and currently debating the switch. I have a 3 year old with a beautiful head of natural hair and I plan to encourage her to keep it that way. I am afraid that as she gets older she will notice that mommy’s hair is not natural and want a relaxer too. She is already pointing out her hair twins when we are in public, so I will more than likely give in and go natural…I’m just not ready yet.

    • Wow Monique! Isn’t it funny how children pick up on things? What will you do if she decides that she wants a relaxer? How do you think you will handle that? 🙂

  3. I’ve been natural for 10 years, it works for me and I’m happy. Of course it hasn’t been smooth sailing, wash days are long and tiring but it’s worth it when I see the results. I get asked questions daily about the process, I co-wash and use coconut oil, very limited heat. At the end, being natural isn’t for everyone, do what works for you.

    • Thank you Sofia. Would you say it is more difficult now with natural hair that it was with relaxed hair? And what advice do you have for those who are transitioning or debating on switching over?

  4. Loved this article! I am still relaxing my hair and it’s healthy and beautiful. However, I have felt the pressure to go natural. I’ve had “natural” people tell me my hair would be “better” natural. At times I’ve felt almost offended because I would never tell people how to do their hair or what would be best for their hair or lifestyle. I say do what works for you and what makes you happy.

    • Carline, thank you! That’s a really interesting perspective! And, you’re right. One shouldn’t tell the other what is best. Everyone has his or her own reasons for keeping natural or relaxed texture. Isn’t the goal to keep your healthy no matter if chemicals are used or not? I really appreciate that comment!

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