Can you believe we’re at the end of July? Time flies! I do have something new to talk about though. There was an obsession this month and it had me over the moon.
Did it really take me this long to tap into what was happening to my skin after working out? Better late than sorry. I have super sensitive skin. Post workouts, if I am not immediately in the shower the sweat takes a toll, especially on my chest area. I was finding these little red bumps do to the sweat build up after soul cycle (Taye Time in Noho, my all time favorite), body building and running. Guys, I literally just let it happen until I discovered the Neutrogena Body Clear, Body Wash! I can’t believe how quickly it helped my body acne. Not only did it calm down my angry skin, it kept the irritation away! I don’t use it all over. Just on my chest and back, where I really need it. I have no complaints. This stuff works! Get you some!

xo IKA


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