You guys know how obsessed I am with a matte lip, right? I’m all about the flat matte finish. It requires work though. The best way to keep your lips hydrated enough to pull off the matte look is with my June obsession.

Aquaphor Lip Repair is included in my skincare routine in the morning as well as at nighttime. It’s part of my regimen and it can’t ever end; not if I want these lips soft and luscious! Here’s why I love it: I used to use Vaseline (Pure Petroleum Jelly) on my lips. It’s ok, but I noticed that my lips would get a slight irritation. Not enough to panic but it didn’t go unnoticed. The overuse of petroleum jelly can actually cause skin irritations (at least for me) because it blocks air and moisture from coming in. It instantly feels good but it’s not beneficial in the long run. With the Aquaphor Lip Repair it protects and conditions which keeps the lips moist but it also has a low potential to irritate because of its minimal number of ingredients. Don’t limit usage to the winter! You got it: 365 days a year. I keep one on my nightstand and one in my handbag. You should too!

xo IKA


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