Standing Head to Knee

Does the thought of it make you uncomfortable?
It should!

Hot yoga is a painfully delicious experience. My first class 5 years ago consisted of mixed feelings; HATE, LOVE, FEAR, and HAPPINESS. Yes, it’s confusing but it’s the truth!

From the very moment you enter the awkward at first, musty room, you second guess your decision for being there in the first place! You say, “Self, why would I intentionally choose to do this?” 90 minutes of 100 degrees, 103 degrees, 105 degrees all seem way too much. The class consists of 26 not-so-easy postures. Let’s not forget feeling dizzy or lightheaded after some backward bending poses! Your instructor will tell you that’s normal. It sounds frightening; and it may be at first…

But here’s why I go back:
Hot yoga has taught me to make an uncomfortable situation feel comfortable. It’s taught me how to completely empty my mind from all the noise and debris. Work, love, money, family; it all disappears. At the end of class in Final Savasana you lay in a “dead body pose” which basically means no movement whatsoever. That’s the point where it feels like there is no one in the room but you. It creates a mental space that is needed when your day is mostly occupied by noise. Let me tell you, it isn’t easy. It takes real strength and time to block out your daily stresses for 90 minutes and become one with your own body. But rest assured the benefits are worth every minute and every degree. Added bonus: Boy does my skin glow after class! You owe it to yourself.

Namaste IKA



  1. I need to go with you. I can use some calmness and unwind from the hectic days. Great article

  2. Love the post! Yes, it is difficult! I’ve don’t it before and I hated every second of it. However, afterwards I felt great and I was more conscious of what I was putting in my body.

    • Hi Carli! Exactly, it can be very frustrating and challenging. But I’ve found that the things that give the best results are often the most difficult! Thanks for the comment! 😉

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